Root Cause Analysis

Using proven techniques and years of industry experience, our engineers work closely with your plant team to guide them step by step through the disciplines of effective problem solving. We are familiar with all of the major OEM's and Tier 1's problem solving processes - GM PRR, Ford 8D, DaimlerChrysler 7 Step, Toyota A3, Honda 5P, etc - and provide helpful insight to ensure you meet the customer's expectations. We apply proven, best practice techniques including:

•    "Is-Is Not" problem definition
•    "5 Why" root cause identification
•    Process mapping
•    Measurement system analysis
•    Cause & effect diagram
•    Correlation and regression analysis
•    Design of experiments
•    Error Proofing
•    Many others

If you do not have a standardized problem solving process, or wish to re-energize your current process, then our experienced workshop developers and trainers can customize a problem solving training and implementation program for you. The workshop is designed to provide hands on, quick implementation concepts to achieve immediate results. For more information on our Problem Solving Workshop please call us at 734-466-8730.